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  • Q: Is there wifi?

  • A: Yes! When in pressen, the SSID is pressen. Password is pressen19 . If in track four, the hotel has its own open network.
  • Hotels
    • Q: When is the hotel check-in?
    • A: Checkin opens 15:00 on friday. There are a few hours between the last presentation and the dinner when you can peacefully check in.

    • Q: When is the hotel check-out?
    • A: The checkout is 12:00 on Saturday. We recommend checking out in the morning and storing luggage at the venue.

    • Q: Am I staying at the Imperial or Square hotel
    • A: You should have received an email with this information. If you cannot find the info, contact us at
    • Q: Is the travel costs covered by the conference cost?
    • A: As stated in Practicalities, the conference price does not cover travel, nor do we book for people.

    • Q: How do I get to the conference facility and hotels from the airport?
    • A: We recommend checking out The short of it is that we recommend taking the metro. The stop closest to the conference facility is RĂ„dhuspladsen, and the main central station (HovedbanegĂ„rden) is also close by.

    • Q:Where can I store my luggage?
    • A:The conference facility will have an area where you can keep your luggage before hotel check-in and after hotel check-out. The hotel may also keep your luggage